About me

Dear reader,

welcome to my little blog!

My posts will take the form of letters, written to a fictional friend, Lucy. I like the idea of writing to a specific reader, and I hope it will give my blog a more personal touch. As a beginning blogger it may be accompanied by stumbling here and there, but hey, that’s how you learn!

You can start reading right away, or start by getting to know me a little bit. These are some of the things I love:

x reading
x sitting outside on an early summer morning
x dancing & practicing yoga
x knitting
x pumpkins
x pirate girls & adventurers
x writing in my diary and writing silly stories
x soup (+10 comforting points)
x friendly strangers
x learning languages
x the sea
x tending to my indoor garden
x roller skating
x Italian food
x singing
x fixing technical problems
x planning trips
x wandering around the city and discovering new places
x LP records
x listening intently to music
x … to name a few!

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, I’d love to hear them! So send me a carrier-pigeon (whoops, yet another thing I like) or leave a comment.

Just one last note. I have made all the photos and drawings on my blog, unless stated otherwise. (The same goes for the text, of course.) I’d be really honored if you want to use them in your own blogs, etc., but please, add a link to my blog. Or contact me if you want to use them in another way.



2 comments on “About me

  1. www.YourDailyPhil.com
    June 12, 2013

    Great blog you have, glad I followed you can’t wait to see your updates.

    • tammyxwrites
      June 18, 2013

      Thanks! I had a busy weekend, but I’m writing a new post as we speak, so come back soon 🙂

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