NEW – Tammy’s Tales 1

Hi Lucy,

You should know. If that’s how your grandfather roasted them, I will be the last to argue with you! You are lucky to live so very near the river, but one way or the other, I will follow your instructions.

Now for something else entirely: here is the first fruit of my creative writing course. I wrote this tale following the instruction that we had to write a scene about an object of personal value. Originally, I wrote it in Dutch. It’s very interesting to see how my (limited) language abilities in both English and Dutch shape my message, my story. Let me know what you think!

The blanket

The door downstairs opens with a click.
“Oohoo!” my grannie calls from outside.
“Hi,” I call down. While shuffling feet mount the stairs, I wait in the doorway. When Gran is upstairs, I take her arm and this is how we walk into the living room. On her other arm she carries a big plastic bag.
“So, this is where you live? It’s no small thing, moving places. I reckon those boxes are just too much for the moment, aren’t they? Well, everything will settle soon enough, I’m sure.”
“You can come a bit further, Gran. Shall I take your coat?” She lets me put both her handbag and the plastic bag on the ground. Then, I assist her with her coat. I drape it on a stool, while my Gran slowly lets herself fall in the other one.
“Can I get you something to drink?”
“First this,” Gran says. She points a thin finger at the plastic bag. “Can you open it?”
I get up and look in the bag before I take it from the ground. Of course, a blanket. She has been talking about it for weeks. When I take it out of the bag I feel immediately how soft it is. Soft and heavy.
“That will get you through the winter,” Gran says. “You’ll be sitting together under this blanket, on the couch that will be over there.”
We look at the corner that is still empty.
I hug my grannie. She knits very fast – yes, I know – but it’s still a lot of work. This is her present for Nadya and me.
“Unfold it,” she says. “I used lots of colours.”
So she did. She knitted twenty big squares and each of them is a different colour: Red, purple, green, blue, light yellow, white, and more.
“They have so much at Tesco’s. Enough to keep one busy, that’s for sure.”
When we drink lemonade from plastic cups a bit later, I already wrap the blanket around me.
“I love this blanket. It’s so comfy.” It carries thick stripes in some places, but overall it’s smooth.
“Yes,” my Gran says quite content. “I’m not so silly after all.”

As you can see, it is a fictionalized account about the blanket I told you about earlier. I’m currently sitting underneath it, and still feeling very happy with it. What object of personal value would you choose for such an exercise?

Warm and cozy greetings,



What do you think? Your comments mean very much to me!

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