My book-life 9

Hi Lucy,

It’s good to be back, although spending so much time with you at your cottage was lovely. There’s just something about coming home after a long trip. Especially now the weather has changed suddenly from being typical for September to being typical for November, there’s nothing that beats a long reading session underneath a big blanket. And already, we have some catching up to do!

You know the book that I said I would look up for you? It’s Maus, by Art Spiegelman.

Cover of Maus – via Goodreads

First sentence:

“I went out to see my Father in Rego Park.” Here you can see more of the first page.


It all starts with a question. Art Spiegelman asks his father about his memories from Second World War. After some reluctance his father starts telling. Spiegelman doesn’t just write down his father’s memories. He draws them. The result is a unique book in which everyone is an animal. The Jews have mouse heads, the Germans have cat heads, etc.

Some thoughts:

x The most striking thing is that Spiegelman’s story telling device makes the message more direct, instead of less. Although the horrors that happened are in themselves not news (as crude as this may sound), the illustrations have the effect of making it as shocking as when you heard about them for the first time.

x One of the effects is that the meaning of surviving becomes sharply clear. You see that during the war, people didn’t live. Rather, they didn’t die. The cheers of Jews is l’chaim (to life). After reading this book you understand the reason for this once again.

Do you think it’s for you, Lucy? I have to say, it’s nothing something to read on every moment, but besides that, it’s one of those books that won’t leave you for a very long time, and I mean that in a good way.

On another note, I will save the knitting series for another time, don’t worry.

Take care!



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