Tuesday’s Tunes 3: Hindi Zahra

Hi Lucy,

That looks amazing. How did you get them to stay still for so long? You must have lured them in with some pretty promises! When you’ve fulfilled those, maybe you can relax with some music?

The songs of Hindi Zahra evoke dreams of travelling and meeting marvellous strangers. The nostalgic gypsy vibe makes me want to pack a rucksack and just start walking. Follow the river and see where it takes me. A naively romantic idea perhaps, but that doesn’t make it less pleasant.

Still, there’s more to like:

x The connection with flamenco. In ‘Beautiful tango’, this connection is obvious. But also ‘Imik simik’ made me think about flamenco, because of Hindi’s concentration when she is singing.

x Hindi’s almost velvet, mysterious voice that sings carefree and switches effortless between English, Berber, and French.

x The poetical directness of the lyrics. A line such as “I would leave the sun for the rain” draws a beautiful image and says so much more than the actual words.

x Her colourful clothing style. Just look at that:

I hope the songs make you as energetic and nostalgic as they make me. Let me know!




2 comments on “Tuesday’s Tunes 3: Hindi Zahra

  1. Charlotte Hoather
    November 4, 2014

    The colours in Stand Up are fabulous

    • tammyxwrites
      November 5, 2014

      Totally, right? Thanks so much for commenting! I’m happy that my writing is being noticed ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck with the singing. I saw you have songs on itunes now, that’s great!

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